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Stralauer Allee 2C

Return Policy

Right of Return / Cancellation
Design Hotels™ guarantees to take back order goods without objection, if you are a consumer, who purchases the goods for a purpose which can be classified as being neither commercial nor part of your self employment as a business, and if Design Hotels™ receives your statement expressing such wish within two weeks upon receipt of the goods. Please do not return goods declared carriage forwarded as Design Hotels™ will not accept these parcels! Let Design Hotels™ have your statement expressing your wish to return the goods in writing, i.e. by letter, by fax or by email. To dispatch your written statement within these two weeks is sufficient to meet the time limit. You have to bear the cost of return.

This provision complies with the German law covering distant selling purchases. The return of the goods or the statement requesting return of the goods has to be addressed to:

Design Hotels AG

The Shop
Stralauer Allee 2c

10245 Berlin

Phone: 0049 (0) 30 88 494 0000
Fax: 0049 (0) 30 257 698 96

Consequences of Return of Goods
To ensure an efficient return of goods, the performances received are to be returned, so are any advantages resulting from the use of said performances. Should the quality of the goods have deteriorated, Design Hotels™ may charge substitution of value. This does not apply if the value of the goods has deteriorated during examination equalling one in shops. To avoid any charges for substitution, Design Hotels™ suggests not to use the goods as owner and to refrain from any action that may deteriorate their value.

Please understand that Design Hotels™ will not reimburse cash on delivery charges.