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Hoteliers Feedback - Design Hotels Co-LAB, MICE Edition 2018

Thank you for attending our second volume of Design Hotels™ Co-LAB, MICE Edition in Georgia.

As we are crafting these events for you, please let us know your thoughts so we can continue to improve the format for your business and pleasure alike.

Greetings from your Design Hotels™ Team

Georgia was a good destination for an event of this format.
I am happy with the quality of hosted buyers.
I am happy with the number and length of the one-on-one appointments.
I am confident to confirm business following Design Hotels™ Co-LAB Georgia, MICE Edition.
I have received direct interest and leads into my property/properties.
Please share any feedback related to the communication and organization of the event.
Are you likely to attend Design Hotels™ Co-LAB, MICE Edition 2019?
Please indicate your overall satisfaction for the event from 1-5.