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Stralauer Allee 2C

Copy of Design Hotels™ - the Co-Lab Georgia

Ready for the next adventure.

the design hotels™ co-lab Georgia, mice edition.

We’re bringing together some of the country’s best creative minds to create sophisticated, contemporary properties worthy of today’s dynamic Georgian society.
— Temur Ugulava, Founder of Rooms Hotels


As time passes, what endures are the moments that moved your soul or altered your mind — the Original Experiences that stay with you long after you’ve returned home..




Down cobblestone alleyways, you find a bewitching hodgepodge of styles attested to the city’s many cultural affinities and long-ago occupiers: Persian and Ottoman domes neighboring Soviet towers and Art Nouveau mansions.

Brutalist monuments and Byzantine arches gave way to sleek modern villas and lovely row houses with traditional, ornately carved wooden balconies. We visited thermal bathhouses and colorful markets, hip boutiques and dusky cafes, greeted again and again by the almost ludicrously friendly locals.

At night, our heads swam with the day’s discoveries—the city's gorgeous convergence of old and new—as we danced into the neon-lit Tbilisi night.



Every guest is sent from God.
— Georgian proverb

We had never breathed air so fresh or seen the sunlight break quite as it did over the Caucasus Mountains. In this place outside time, we felt the pleasure of slowness, of pure, exquisite nothingness.

Our days were spent walking misty mountain passes, stopping to rest in the lilac shadows of ancient churches carved from volcanic stone. Men and women, with weathered faces that told of a million stories, worked the fields or sat laughing in the sunlight.

In the evenings we ate together—gorgeous, never-ending meals of wood-fired khachapuri, giant soup dumplings, sizzling lamb sprinkled in pomegranate seeds, crushed chili, and fresh plum sauce.