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Arena 2017 feedback guests

Thank you for attending Arena* 2017 in Lisbon.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete our questions honestly and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Greetings from your Design Hotels™ Team.

How did you like this year's external speakers?
I liked the performance by Alexandre Tannous.
I liked the briefing presented by Chris Sanderson.
I liked the talk by Laurent Haug.
I liked the performance by Lex Empress.
I liked the talk by Josh Fehnert.
I liked the talk by Wim Hof.
How did you like our panel discussions?
I liked "A New Generation in The Hospitality Industry"
I liked "The Rise of the New Memberships Clubs"
I liked "What the Hospitality Industry can Learn from Portugal's Recent Development"
I liked "The Festivalization of Meetings and Events"
I liked "Creating and Re-Creating Social Capital"
I liked "An Outlook on the Unification of the Two Most Impactful Loyalty Programs in the Hospitality Industry"
Which content area are you interested in most for next year's Arena*?
What was your favorite experience?
What was your least favorite experience?
Were you satisfied with the organization of this year's Arena*?
Are you planning on attending next year's Arena*?